Top 10 Traits Person with Gemini Astrological Sign & Sun

Top 10 Traits Person with Gemini Astrological Sign & Sun

Your date & place of birth may beold the key to your destiny. Planetary positions , sun & signs and moon signs un-fold the mystery behind your inimitable nature . Well, believing in them is entirely for you to decide . Astrology is also a part of science that’s promises to unravel every other secret pertaining to your moods.  likes & dislikes and  their far-reaching consequences.

It can almost be termed ‘guilty pleasure.


No matter how dismissive you may sound while talking about sun & signs , you cannot help but go through that page of the newspaper which gives a insight into how your day will eventually shape up.

In a bid to be specific about a particular sun &  sign , the Gemini sign will prove to be a fair choice because of its multi-dimensional and creative attributes. Gemini is the third & last  astrological sign of the spring period.  It is represented by intertwined twins .   It heralds the coming of summer & it is a sign that is synonymous with warmth , vitality &  colours . Its ruling planet is Mercury . The intertwined twins stand for opposites like light/dark , subject/object etc . Some experts have come up with the interpretation of the the twins being a man & a woman respectively ,while the others have concluded that the twins with the same sex. Some famous celebrities who were born under the Gemini sun sign include four of the tallest pillars in the world of Literature, namely Walt Whitman , Ben Jonson , Thomas Hardy and William Butler Yeats. Fellow Geminis like Angelina Jolie , Johnny Depp , Nicole Kidman and Marilyn Monroe have got many an admirer swooning over them .  Back home in India , A.R Rahman , the Oscar-winning  music composer too represents the symbol of the intertwined twins.


10. Attractive physical attributes

 9. Multi-tasking abilities

8. Communication skills

7. Inconsistency and restlessness

6. Crafty and shrewd

5. Pragmatic and non-committal in relationships

4. Sense of humour and wit

 3. Eternal conflict between the mind and the heart

2. Novelty in character and child-like enthusiasm

 1. Duality and multi-faceted nature