Top 10 Worst Pain Methods in History

Top 10 Worst Pain Methods in History

Humans have been messed up since the creation of time, the best proof being evil torture practice cued from history. Torture is defined as the powerful preference of pain onto someone, physically and or mentally. While we throw this word around carelessly today e.g: “You’re torturing me by ignoring me”, torture meant a whole other deal back then.

Worst pain Methods
Worst pain Methods


Top 10 Worst Pain Methods are:

10. Iron Maiden

9. Chair Torture

8. Crucifixion

7. Impalement

6. The Spanish Donkey

5. Rat Torture

4. The Rack

3. Boiling

2. Saw Torture

1. The Brazen Bull

The Brazen Bull is arguably the most innovative and brutal torture instrument in the history of mankind. Originating from Ancient Greece, this device of punishment features a hallow bronze bull that would almost always be made into the realistic size of an adult bull. The Brazen Bull would have one door that would be locked till the victim was dead. This method of torture had the victims locked in the bronze bull under which a fire would be lit. The fire would then heat the metal to cause fatal burns, boils, suffocation, asphyxia, carbon poisoning and a lot more to the victims who would scream to death. What made this device even more brutal was the fact that an acoustic tube was fitted around the mouth of the bull which would turn the screams of the victims into the sounds of a bull.



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