Top 10 Best American Tourist Destinations

Top 10 Best American Tourist Destinations

It can be said for certain that the (USA) United States of America is an iconic state in this world. This one nation has been the trend setter for almost all. The state hosts the best instructive institutes, the best of the industry producing the most important brands, highest infrastructures and other man made and usual marvels. Due to all this America attract persons from all over the world. Not only for work opportunity USA is also the ground for tourists and offer all that a tourist can ever ask for. With a large area alienated into 50 states and increasing over some time zones with dissimilar climatic circumstances the nation is a perfect center to fulfill all your fantasies. Be it nature lovers or adventurer; the country will surely never let down you. Let your attention be in history or architectural marvel America will surely make an impression you with some of the best museums and sky scrapers and bridge in the world. The beaches here are famous and so is the world’s oldest studio- Hollywood. It is next to not possible to shortlist the tourist destination here to a mere 10 since every place is having its import that makes it better than the others. But there are a few places here that are so popular that they almost stand for America. The moment you think of America you right away picture these places or destination or vice verse.

so the next are the top 10 places in America the you must for no reason miss.

10. Yellow Stone national park – Wyoming

Yellow Stone national park

9. Freedom Trail – Boston

Freedom Trail

8. White house- Washington DC

White house

7. Hawaiian islands- Hawaii

Hawaiian island

6. Mt. Rushmore National Memorial- South Dakota


5. Las Vegas Strip- South Boulevard

Las Vegas Strip

4. Statue of Liberty- New York

Statue of Liberty

3. Disneyland Park- California

Disneyland Park

2. Grand Canyon – Arizona

Grand Canyon

1.Niagara Falls- New York

Niagara Falls

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