Top 10 India’s Most Powerful People

Top 10 India’s Most Powerful People

Power defines who you are and come again? you can manage. Power exercise in the virtuous way can headlong change the nation. But if second-hand with a streak of diabolism, this power can reason a disaster. Right from government to Sports to medium to Films, authority has many morphs. These persons in the powerlist have person’s name,fame, currency and control. Be it for a noble unselfish cause or for activity or for exploiting the people, they own you one way or another. Be it good or bad, control is power.

10. Anna Hazare (social activist)

Anna Hazare

9. Mahendra Singh Dhoni (Cricket)

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

8. Manmohan Singh (Politics)

Manmohan Singh

7. Digvijay Singh(Politics)

Digvijay Singh

6. Sushil Kumar Shinde (Politics)

Sushil Kumar Shinde

5. Salman Khan (Actor)

Salman Khan

4. Arnab Goswami (Media)

Arnab Goswami

3. Rahul Gandhi (Politics)

Rahul Gandhi

2. Narendra Modi (Politics)

Narendra Modi



Okay! This might appear strange but gravely, Bookies proved what long-winded nexus they weave production them super powerful. undeviating links with the D-Gang and deception International level IPL matches buying the trust of players’ is what they orchestrated. By fooling a billion persons who follow one religion by means of their heart-CRICKET, the bookie complete a luck. The bookie made headline in this current day by kiss-and-tell the underbelly of Cricket, the dark behind flashy post-match party and the fickle faith and affection of group of actors towards their teams. A reinforcement definitely, but unbreakable to disagree the collision and power of these bookies. Power is power! Be its inclination towards a dark side, it does collision lives. The bookie make it to the numero uno slot at least as of June 2017.




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