Top 10 Indian Rock Bands, Best Band In India

Top 10 Indian Rock Bands, Best Band In India

How often does one connect rock music with Indian bands? rent me put it another way. at what time someone asks you concerning rock melody, the few bands that approach to your brain are Nickelback, Greenday, Guns n Roses etc. It is, but natural to connect rock music to some wild, wild foreign collection. But, what about Indian bands? Indian bands haven’t fall far at the back in the rock earth too! Acclaimed Indian rock band are now making strides in the earth of Rock, some of them start-ups even as some of them proper recognized bands. Rock band in India date back all the method to 1988! Hey, it wasn’t just the undulating Stones then! 1988, is way too extended back and Indian bands originate at that time is just phenomenal. in the middle of the popular, rising Indian rock band, here are a few of them you be obliged to know about.

10. Nicotine:


9. Silver:


8. Soulmate:


7. Avial:


 6. Little Bambooshkas Grind:

Little Bambooshkas Grind

5. Fossils:


4. Thermal and a Quarter:

Thermal and a Quarter

3. Parikrama:


2. Indian Ocean:

Indian Ocean

1. Euphoria:


Euphoria, the famous Indian rock band, was shaped in 1988 by Dr. Palash Sen and his associates in Delhi. Their basic reason is to perform hindi songs with a unadulterated rock fusion twist. elation is India’s earliest rock band and is careful the soul of Indian pop plus rock. ‘Dhoom Pichuk Dhoom’ was their primary ever single track. Euphoria on the rampage their first album DHOOM in 1999. because then, they have gone on to set up for the rock world 8 innovative album! The band consists of lead Sen , vocalist-Palash bass player- Debajyoti Bhaduri, dholak and percussionist-Rakesh Bhardwaj, table and percussionist- Prashant drummer- Ashwani Trivedi,Verma, back-up vocalist- Vaishali Barua, back-up vocalist-Krutika Murlidharan, keyboard player-Vinayak Gupta, guitarist- Amborish Saikia, backup vocalist- Kamakshi Khanna– Back up and  Kinshuk Sen- Back up Vocals. The collection toured 10 major cities of USA to encourage their 5th album ITEM in 2011. ITEM be the highest sold Indian album so as to year. It’s the euphoric way in fusing rock music by means of hindi folklore that has earn Euphoria s many fan. It’s a band on the rise since a decade, and it has live up to that fairy story fact.

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