Top 10 Best PC Media Players, Top Media Players

Top 10 Best PC Media Players, Top Media Players

A media thespian was earlier a term denote to any computer software that play multimedia files but with the advent of moveable device it has even approach to encompass the broad variety of android and other unlock source media players. The medium files generally include acoustic and Video files with a wide diversity of extensions. planned below are some of the most well-liked media group of actors on the basis of downloads in addition to compatibility.

10) MediaMonkey


9) QuickTime


8) iTunes


7) Winamp


6) Miro


5) SMPlayer


4) Banshee


3) Media Player classic

Media Player classic

2) GOM


1) VLC



I am yet to come across a list which doesn’t contain VLC media player in its top 10. VLC is the most popular transportable open-source cross- platform freeware. It is in addition a streaming media player. It ropes audio-video compression methods in addition to numerous file format including DVD, CD and stream protocols. The very earliest version had outstanding lists of module which went ahead of 350 crossing what every other to be had media player had to offer. It can stream over system and can also transpose multimedia files. Released in the day 2001 it is now available in  excess of 53 languages, the current stable let go is 2.0.8. Licensed under the GNU it has a evidence download of more than 1,50,000 downloads for each week. In May 2012, VLC team has underway working towards creation it an android friendly app, a beta account is however obtainable for download.   I had to keep out some of the medium players which I personally like though you are free to try them as healthy. They be; Amarok (watch out for the audio analyzer), daring (for its default codec packs), rythmbox, Totem (nautilus is an absolute file manager) in addition to xine (which is good in spite of of the number of bugs). If you occur to find any previous media players that you want us to characteristic then talk about it in the comment. We’d be more than glad.



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