Top 10 Ways for Women to Stay Safe in India

Top 10 Ways for Women to Stay Safe in India

India is one of the most dangerous countries for women to reside in. The number of rape gear in our country is shocking and  eve teasing is careful almost normal. The management is lax, which is why I suggest that the best way to stay safe in India is to take matter into your own hands. Here are ten tips on how to stay secure in India

10- Dress Safe

Dress Safe

Our country is a old-fashioned one. Sad as it may be, women are denied the right to uniform according to their wishes. I am in no way advocate the school of thought which says women must be covered up from head to toe to stay safe. I feel it is idiotic that women have to cover themselves up before step out of the house because some men cannot keep themselves from leching. Hard reality remnants, however, that if you cover yourself up well you might avoid in receipt of teased. Although reports suggest that the way a woman dresses has no influence on rape cases, and a woman may get raped irrespective of what she is wearing, it does help to wear full clothing while going out in India. Eve teaser have been known to target women trying short clothes. Passing lewd comments on girls who have the guts to sport what they want is common in our nation. There are a few places where girls can roam about in clothes of their choice without feeling unsafe, like college campuses, but the majority of the places in India are just not safe for you if you’re exhausting a sarong.


 9- Go out in groups

Go out in groups

8-Don’t go out after dark

Don’t go out after dark

7- Public transport

Public transport

6- Learn Self Defense

Learn Self Defense

5- Your Phone

Your Phone

4- Body Language

Body Language

3- Traps


2- Lock your doors

Lock your doors

1- Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray

The safest way to stay in safe hands is to hold a pepper spray along with you. The management has now subsidized the rates of pepper spray and they are available at almost every chemist’s shop. In other country, women use electric missiles which give their assailants an emotional shock which stuns them. This device is not yet popular in India though. However, we have pepper sprays which can be effective in warding off attacks. If you don’t have one on you and you’re planning to travel out alone after dark, keep laal mirch with you. No kidding! I know people who do that. As mentioned earlier- go for the weakest spot in the body- the eyes. Spray him or them with the pepper spray and run for your life in the opposite direction.

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