Top 10 Ways To Beat Nervousness

Top 10 Ways To Beat Nervousness

Having combated issues of being an shy person as a child, I determined to get to the center of the difficulty. Where was my self-worth missing? I had helpful parents and good friends. Other than a few usual fights with my friends and usual disagreements with my parents, I was a content child. But I was content only in my own time. Which meant  time when I wasn’t in community, with people that didn’t know me. Somewhere secretly, I knew the problem didn’t have to do with my external situation but with my own insecurities. My fear of failure that was deep rooted to my ego as a child, being embarrassed in public, people not imperfect to associate with me etc.

Ways To Overcome Nervousness

Top 10 Ways To Beat Nervousness are:

10: People forget

9: Laugh at your own mistakes 

8: People are nervous too and undergo the same plight as you

7: Dress well

6: Socialize more

5: Remember everyone has their moments 

4: Be active on social media

3: Join an organization you’re passionate about

2: Explore your options

1: Stand up for what you believe in


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