Top 10 Advantages of Milk for Health

Top 10 Advantages of Milk for Health

Milk is an vital liquid food that have to be included in our daily meals, at least once or two times in a day. Milk is essential for people belonging to all age groups. exploit contains 87.5% water, 4.8% lactose, 3.9% fat, 3.4 %proteins and 0.8% minerals. It is also an excellent source of important nutrients like calcium, vitamin D, potassium, vitamin B-12, vitamin A, riboflavin etc. The reimbursement provided by milk are numerous. And here is a list of top 10 advantages of milk for health: Fluids are a important part of the human body, and the body needs to be often replenish with liquids as they are used up within the body. Water is essential for growing children and they be obliged to drink an ample sum of water every day. Dehydration can product in poor absorption and memory function. Milk contains a good quantity of water molecules and is considered the best fluid for re-hydration, outside of drinking actual water. Milk is an excellent choice of fluid as it not only re-hydrates the body, but provides a host of beneficial nutrients and protects the teeth at the equivalent time. Milk protects our body from a large variety of diseases. Its rich nutrients content protects us by helping to prevent dementia, nervous damage of the brain, stomach related diseases, gastric problems, acidity. As per many researches, milk consumption daily reduces the chance of dying from a heart attack or stroke. It can also help prevent Alzheimer’s disease, reduces chances of developing diabetes, colon cancer and also reduces chances (around 15 to 20 per cent) of constricting cardiovascular disease. So it is advised to drink extra milk to remain better and live longer.

Top  Advantages of Milk for Health

Top 10 Advantages of Milk for Health are:

10. Proper growth

09. Hydration

08. Prevents disease

07. Vibrant skin

06. Weight loss

05. Strong teeth

04. Strong muscles

03. Controls blood pressure

02. Healthy bones

01. Sharp brain


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