Top 10 Spicy Foods North Indians

Top 10 Spicy Foods North Indians

Spicy Foods North Indians If there’s whatever thing North Indians (and Punjabis in particular) enjoy, is the whole packaged deal of a celebratory atmosphere, dance and music, and to top it off a epicure styled Indian meal with the premium spices and flavors to satisfy their palates. Indeed, there is no festival, no celebration complete without a full blown Indian meal to tantalize and leave your flavor buds deficient more. If there’s whatever thing the Aryans know, it’s how to lilac and dine lavishly. North India itself, with its diverse states and form, is a hub for appetizing foods that everybody flocks to restaurants, shaadis and feasts to get a sample of those foods. It’s no joke that India boasts some of the premium foods from a cooking that’s now world-renowned, with restaurant chains opening abroad to satisfy global patrons as well. Here are the 10 most celebrated spicy Indian dishes North Indians worship to eat:

Top  Spicy Foods North Indians

Top 10 Spicy Foods North Indians are:


10: Tandoori chicken

9: Rogan Josh

8: Chole bhature

7: Pav Bhaji

6: Thalassery Biryani 

5: Bhut jolokia

4: Chicken 65

3: Bombil fry

2: Maccher jhol

1: Baingan Bharta

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