Top 10 Motivating Mahindra Singh Dhoni Facts


Top 10 Motivating Mahindra Singh Dhoni Facts

We love him, we hate him and we love him again, the most general and definitely the most scrutinized cricketer from India, the man who ran Team India to No. 1 in the ICC Test Rankings for the first time, the first captain to win the World T20 (2007), World Cup (2011) and now the champions trophy, yes I am talking around none other than the cool, the superb, and the one and  only captain of the Indian cricket team, MS Dhoni also identified as the “captain cool” a small town boy from Ranchi, Jharkhand who has complete it to the top and now, he is the most successful wicket-keeper in India always, an idol for the present group and the generations to come. He has always been a true stimulating figure and has provided for some great cricketing instants.

10. One of the highest individual tax payer

MS Dhoni during a press meet in Chennai

9. Second highest endorser

dhoni pepsi world cup ad

8. Highest paid cricketer in whole world

Mahendra Singh Dhoni Times most influential  people

7. Huge fan of bikes, SUVs and dogs

dhoni  bike f

6. Love marriage

the unknown love story of dhoni sakshi

5. The helicopter shot

Top 10 Motivating Mahindra Singh Dhoni Facts

4. Why were the Long hair cut short??

Top 10 Motivating Mahindra Singh Dhoni Facts

3. All-time greatest captain of India

Top 10 Motivating Mahindra Singh Dhoni Facts

2. Not interested in cricket

Top 10 Motivating Mahindra Singh Dhoni Facts


Initially Dhoni was not much attentive in cricket and used to play and excel in sports like badminton and football and was also designated at club and district level in these sports. He was a warden for his football team and was sent to play cricket for a local club by his coach and though he had not played cricket earlier, still he was able to excite everyone with his wicket-keeping skills and became the even wicketkeeper at the Commando cricket club (1995–98).

1. The struggle as a ticket collector

Top 10 Motivating Mahindra Singh Dhoni Facts

In 1998 Dhoni played for the Bihar U-19 team but the team misplaced against Punjab in final, but due to his excellent presentation he was selected to play for Bihar in the Ranji Trophy, and side by side Dhoni started working as a ticket collector at the Kharagpur railway station from year 2001 to 2003 to sustenance his family.

After successful first class periods in 2003 and 2004, Dhoni was selected to play for the India-A team and from there he caught the care of selectors and was selected to play for India and thus started his international cricket career. Though his debut was a big tragedy and he got run out on his first ball against Bangladesh.

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