Top 10 Celebrated People Born in January

Top 10 Celebrated People Born in January

Astrologically, people that were born in January and most likely ruled by Saturn and are Capricorns, a mishmash to provide them with long-lasting diligence strength and a clear-thinking fervor unmatched by people born beneath other sunsigns ruled by other planets. You might scoff at him being mention or even making this list but you won’t know until his inspirational story of attainment hits the fuss. He isn’t just a handsome face and a flexible, stylish dancing body that delights you on the silver screen, he was an ordinary man whose path to success was obtained by breaking downstairs several barriers (mostly health concerns) that obstructed him.During an intimate interview, he revealed his childhood problem with oral speech and a well-known stutter that made him insecure, anxious and humiliated. He eventually took speech therapy to fix his issue.He had a brain surgery in 2013 as well as issues with a shin splinter in 2014, which caused him to forsake many commercial projects like “Shuddhi” coming his way. His life hasn’t been a cakewalk but he still deals and gets by as being one of Bollywood’s most successful celebrity. A leading business tycoon in India, Ambani has taken the business world by storm and laid the foundation for Reliance Industries, which has become one of the largest conglomerates of India today. A man of many talent, he’s a Hollywood actor, director, manufacturer and screenwriter. He studied acting at the Australian Institute of Dramatic Art and has won the Golden sphere and Academy Award. He had a strong marriage with his spouse Robyn Moore (being married to her for 26 years) and had one offspring and six sons together.Astrology and false notion aside, there were several popular noteworthy figures who left an impact on people in the different fields they mastered. They stirred, achieved, persevered and all with their January born grace (or so I’d like to think because I’m January-born as well).

Top  Celebrated People Born in January

Top 10 Celebrated People Born in January are:

10: Hritik Roshan

9: Dhirubai Ambani

8: Mel Gibson

7: Michelle Obama

: Ellen DeGeneres

5: Oprah Winfrey

4: Justin Timberlake 

3: Dolly Parton 

2: Elijah Wood

1: Betty White



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