10 Ways to keep your Teeth Strong

10 Ways to keep your Teeth Strong

A healthy smile makes you look poised and gorgeous. Your smile really defines your personality. However, generally we overlook this important part of our bodies, i.e. our teeth which have a tanned effect on our smiles. In fact, most of the people are so careless towards their dental hygiene that they do not take it extremely until and unless they actually knowledge painful cavities and other dental complaints. This small amount of carelessness can cost you millions of rupees and hundreds of appointments to the dentist. It is better if we take the onus upon ourselves to make our teeth strong and glowing. Here are a few simple tips to keep your glowing smile intact!

10. Never skip Check ups

9. Protect your tooth enamel

8. Use alcohol free mouthwash

7. Have a cup of black tea everyday

6. Do not be harsh on your teeth

5. Brush your teeth twice daily.

4. Have citrus fruits

3. Coffee enhances dental health

Mastication roasted coffee beans improves your dental health by leaps and limits. It helps you battle simple toothache and also fights bad sniff. Bad sniff is a common problem which many of us face at some or the other stage of our lives. It should be contradicted tactfully and should never be ignored. Bad breath sends out an similarly bad signal to the people with whom you connect.

2. Herbs keep teeth white

Chewing on herbs such as parsley, thyme and mint helps keep teeth white and also fights bad breath. Mint chocolates and mint gums are also available to fight oral odours.

1. Always eat right

Avoid foods that reason harm to your teeth and make it a habit to brush twice frequently. Avoid chocolates, paan, smoke or tobacco. All such foods tint your teeth. Also cut down on gummy bonbons that stick to your teeth. Acidic drinks are a big no as they lead to pits and craters. Mind what you eat and enjoy white, glowing teeth with a healthy smile!

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