Top 10 Exciting facts about Mahatma Gandhi

Top 10 Exciting facts about Mahatma Gandhi

The Father of the Nation needs no summary. Perhaps one of the few persons on this planet, whose life has been deliberated and dissected in great detail, Mahatma Gandhi’s opinion of non-violence rebounded throughout the world. Acclaimed worldwide, the Mahatma won India freedom nearly single-handedly and continues to be the father number for all Indians and world citizens alike. Though his life and its principles were endangered to great scrutiny and discussion, there are a few interesting evidences about him, which have largely gone ignored. Let us explore some of them.

#10- Dietary Experiments

#9- No Snaps Please!

#8- Irish Accent

#7- Punctuality

#6- Brisk Walker

#5- False Teeth

#4- The Stammer!

#3- He had his own font!

#2- Stitch your own clothes!

Though he wore only a simple garment, the Father of the Nation was quite scrupulous about his clothes. He always used to dress gracefully and made it a point to darn his own clothes. His simple attire and hand charkha were pickled as his identities. Through his own habits, he used to set an example in self-dependence for others to trail and that is what completed him a great man.

#1- 15th August, 1947images

When the nation got freedom due to his keen efforts, he did not utilize the event to hog all the limelight standing on some platform and making a language. His blood and sweat had all gone into achieving such a hard clashed goal for the country and yet, he was nowhere in the division, at New Delhi where the National Flag was unfolded by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru on 15th August, 1947. He was abstaining at Calcutta, to make a keen appeal to Hindus and Muslims to stop belligerent among each other and for the termination of the ugly shared riots which had broken out. His faultless selflessness and ethics stood him in high stead, throughout his celebrated life.  In the words of Albert Einstein, “Compeers to come, it may well be, will rare believe that such a man as this one ever in flesh and blood strolled upon this Earth.”

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