Top 10 Must Visit Historical Places in Delhi

Top 10 Must Visit Historical Places in Delhi

One of the practically all enjoyable and elating ways to discover a city is on foot. Be it Cairo, Rome or the Indian city of Delhi, soaking in any city’s history can be best done on foot. Delhi has a myriad of past monument, poetic trails, art museums and the more current pubs and cafes to offer. Just walk from first to last the city and you will collide hooked on history at every turn. With more than 174 countrywide sheltered monument and three world heritage site, history lies in the life and breath of the city of Delhi. Delhi is one of the oldest livelihood cities of the world. There are a excess of things that you can explore and many new-fangled experience that you can have while walking through the old corners of this monumental city. Here is a list of 10 things that you can explore in the city of Delhi. Pick your favorite! Kashmere gate was one of the 14 gates of the city of Shahjahanabad built around 1869. The remnants of the Kashmere Gate gravestone and the broken city wall of Shahjahanabad are still near to take you back in time. The refurbished Ritz cinema which is one of the oldest single screen cinemas in Delhi can also survive visited across the road from the Kashmere Gate monument. Kashmere Gate not lone houses decaying, historical structures but also heritage buildings  that have defy the ravages of time. St James Church is one such structure which was built by Colonel James Skinner in 1835. The church continues to attract people from all corners of the city because of its neo-classical building.

Top  Must Visit Historical Places in Delhi

Top 10 Must Visit Historical Places in Delhi are:

10. Kashmere Gate

9. The Sulabh International Museum of Toilets

8. The Kathputli Colony

7. Marwari Library

6. Ghalib’s Tomb

5. Jama Masjid

4. Lodhi Gardens

3. The Crafts Museum

2. Khooni Darwaza

1. National Gandhi Museum




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