10 Reasons why Test Match is ‘the’ Real Cricket

10 Reasons why Test Match is ‘the’ Real Cricket

Cricket, do not essential any prior explanation, the name itself is sung in each angle of India. Not just India, it is the most general game even across the sphere. Of all the forms, test cricket is the most outdated forms of cricket.  Though other setup have now become pretty common but the test competitions continues to be the real form of the cricket. It essentially comprises of four innings, each of sides gets to play two innings each and for limitless overs provided they don’t get careered out by the adversaries. So you can gauge the quality of match from the nonstop efforts from both the sides for five days. Let us list down some of the points to justify our claim.

10. Tests the Patience of Cricketer

9. Opportunities of Comeback

8. Requires High Concentration Level

 7. Fitness level

6. Priority is Learning and not Money

5.Teaches the Art of Learning Cricket

4. Provides Arena for Experiment

3. Game Plan

Test cricket requires practical and strategic thinking. It is just like a game of chess where a player needs to makes a game plan and try to confuse the antagonism team by implementing it in a optimistic way. A player needs to keep his focus on field through the game without losing attentiveness for hours.

2. Real Skill and Talent of a Cricketer is tested

Test cricket by no means can be measured as a cup of tea. A player real skill and aptitude to handle pressure for long time is verified in this form. Even the folklores like Sunil Gavaskar, Sachin Tendulkar obeys with the same. The test match improves the talent of a cricketer and increases his variety of cricket.

1.Cleanest form of Cricket

Now, the most important motive on our countdown is that disagreements and scandals happening in cricket matches. The other arrangements are no more pure because of lush match fixing and bidding. However, the conjectures of outcomes by the bookies are minimal in case of test matches. Thus we can say that the test competitions is the cleanest form.

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