Top 10 Scariest Bugs on Earth

Top 10 Scariest Bugs on Earth

Unless you’re an etymologist, prepare to be stunned, repulsed and buy a fresh stock of bug disgusting. If you do happen to be an etymologist, welcome. These bugs will captivate, delight and intrigue you.

I have personally always had a love-hate relationship with bugs. I won’t let them live in my home, but I won’t kill them either. Aren’t we equally accountable for invading their habitat as they are ours? Live and let live is the motto I’ve lived by with bugs.

I didn’t know how or where to start this list because my knowledge about bugs occurs to be negative a billion, but thankfully Google has allowed for me to fastener onto and draw motivation from similar articles that have already adorned us with their research.

A careful gathering of both poisonous bugs from different landmasses, prepare to shudder as I bring to you the Top 10 scariest bugs on earth:

10) Stink Bugs- Australia

9) Rexilia dex- Africa

8) Flying cockroach- American cockroach 

7) Belgica Antarctica- Antarctica

6) Brazilian Treehopper-South America

5) Giant long-legged katydids- Asia 

4) Titan beetle-South America

3) Goliath birdeater- South America 

Diverging from the even beetle and roach that now seems inoffensive compared to this sinister looking tarantula, the fun fact is that people really purchase the Goliath bird eater because they are popular pets

2) Tarantula hawk- Central America

Endemic to Mexico, this hybrid wasp-tarantula specie would be a good reason to deter anyone from taking a holiday to Cancun. Unfortunately, they have been made homes in deserts in the United States

Yes, that is indeed a tarantula hawk attacking a spider with its toxic because they require spiders to serve as their crowds for larvae.

1) Giant camel spiders- Asia

Found in deserts in the Middle East, they feed on ground-dwelling arthropods and other small animals.

Their size and hunger has been greatly exaggerated and persons have even created mythologies about this otherwise apparently harmless creature. It sure reminds us to not judge a book by its cover!,

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