Top 10 Reasons why your Car may not Start

Top 10 Reasons why your Car may not Start

If your train doesn’t have spotless or any oil, your cylinders can’t turn professionally and your engine will lock up. You’ll also do a lot of damage to your engine, so make sure to get regular oil changes! A weak spark would not ignite the fuel. The problem may be due to spark plug or spark cap cables.  flash plug cables being bad, cut or missing cables, a defective system that does not signal your spark plugs to spark, or the spark plug timing to be off may lead to frail spark. Also the flicker timing should be well programmed. A slightest mistake can lead to underprivileged spark and engine will have difficulty in cranking. Bearing help in efficient transfer of power. Over time, the bearings wear out and necessitate to be replace. If the crankshaft has worn out bearings, it can’t move the pistons smoothly and your engine won’t be able to run. small bearings have the power to stop your vehicle beginning starting. Now-a -days the functioning of the engine is majorly controlled digitally by a compute device called ECU (Engine have power over unit).This ECU governs engine the ignition timing , insertion control , exhaust gas regulation, crankshaft position ,etc. When you turn the ignition ON before starting the car, thThe e “Check engine” light is supposed to glow awake indicating that the ECU is powered on. If the “Check engine” light does not glow with the ignition ON, it’s possible that there is no power coming to the ECU. This may be owed to a broken line, faulty main pass on, burnt fuse, etc. or that there is a difficulty with the steam engine supercomputer itself. In that case call the service station as well as they will send somebody to fix that up.

Top  Reasons why your Car may not Start

Top 10 Reasons why your Car may not Start are:

10) Ignition Switch is broken

9) Battery Corrosion

8) Dead Battery

7) Out of fuel

6) Bad Fuel Mix

5) No Oil

4) Lack of Spark

3) Worn out Bearings

2) The “Check engine” light does not glow

1) Security issues



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