Top 10 Risky Effects of Mobiles on Health

Top 10 Risky Effects of Mobiles on Health

Man being the public animal, cannot even think to thrive lacking the advent of mobile phone in our lives. Mobile phone- the thing which has now become a mere plaything in a baby’s lap didn’t enjoy such rage in its earlier days. People would queue in lines just to have hardly any minutes with their dear ones elsewhere in a foreign land. The handset could not be moved anywhere like mobile phones and here was a positive limit as to the prices were not pocket friendly. But today’s technology has endowed us with many magic devices which early man could only dream of. And as we know, nothing comes free. Mobile phones and technology has come along through many perils in hand. cause adverse effects on our health is just a commencement. The phones were made mobile so as to being carried to any mountain top or beneath the rocks without any wires trailing behind. Actually, the purpose is truly served along with making us lazy and stiff like a rock. We prefer to get things delivered rather than going on a shopping spree. With time, our muscles dig up stiff and we are easily outrun by a treading mill. High cholesterol, heart infection no longer fails to visit us in our twenties. Would it be wrong to say that more than 90% of the children are addicted to their phones? Their views are confined to the partition; they are all ears to the music playing in their earpiece, nothing more. And to add upon, latest features with cheapest price are the cherry on the top. It is a fact that we are needy on top of our phone for the very morning to the next twilight. Mobile phone compulsion is no less dangerous than the others.

Top  Risky Effects of Mobiles on Health

Top 10 Risky Effects of Mobiles on Health are:

10.Lazy scumbags

9.Memory retentiveness

8.Tangled in the net

7.Stressed out

6.Straggly mind


4.Havoc on eyes

3.Genetic disorders




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