10 Unknown Facts about Abraham Lincoln

10 Unknown Facts about Abraham Lincoln

There are many things that are still unidentified about the 16th President of the United States. Yes, the much respected Abraham Lincoln has many interesting and hidden facts about his life notwithstanding the numerous movies partitioned and books written on him. Not many know the life of Abraham Lincoln with such complicated detail. He was a great man who had an amazing lifestyle. He was considered the tallest president with a height of 6 feet 4 inches and had a shoe size of 14. He was also the first president who was assassinated. Here are 10 facts about Abraham Lincoln that will leave you impressed!

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10. He hated being called “Abe

9. Lincoln has a patent to his name

8. Lincoln carried his documents in his hat

7. Lincoln never slept in the Lincoln bedroom

6. Lincoln is enshrined in the Wrestling Hall of Fame

5. Lincoln was afraid of women

4. Lincoln did not smoke or drink
3. Lincoln failed at many things in his life
2. There are no descendants of Abraham Lincoln

There are no living offspring of Abraham Lincoln now. His only son, Robert’s line died in the 1980s. Lincoln’s lengthy family included his pets which were cats and dogs. He had a cat named Tabby and had an supreme obsession with cats. Not many know, that his cat ate along with the family at the White House Dinner table.

1. Lincoln was a loner

Lincoln was not a social man and led much of his life in unhappiness. He had very little close friends and he did not get acquainted with anybody quickly. He took time to open up and was a very private man. He preferred his own company to that of others. Moreover, he continued remote and aloof from social circles. Even his friends in his office, never crossed that thin line of knowledge with him. One of his friends recalled that Lincoln rarely invited any of his friends for dinner at his home.

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