Top 10 Best Cities for Nightlife in India

Top 10 Best Cities for Nightlife in India

In recent years India has become a residence where lots of pubs, lounges, bars etc. have cropped up in all the urban cities. They have become a enormous hit with the people as they allow them to relax and enjoy and have a good time with friends and generations. Hence, they have become an important part of working class lives. Here are the top 10 cities which can boast of having the best nightlife in India.


10) Chennai –

9) Jaipur 

8) Kolkata

7) Hyderabad

6) Chandigarh

5) Pune 

4) Bangalore

3) Mumbai

Mumbai, much like Delhi, is the city that not ever sleeps. It is in the night when the city really starts to look lively. Mumbai’s nightlife can be measured as one of the best in India. People are more compliant towards women drinking and hence, one can go to any bar or night club to enjoy without giving it a second believed. Clubs and bars like Club Alibii Bar, TLD Bar, Bottle Bar Club etc. Are quite famous in Mumbai. Also, since there is at smallest one bar at every street in Bombay, once can enjoy and have a relaxing time there in its place of going to crowded hot spots.

2) Goa –

Goa is one of those city in India where you can relax, enjoy and party like an animal – all at the same time! There are so many hot spots in Goa that it is hard to keep track! On every street you can find restaurants which serve beer and wine with your favorite sea food frailties. Although if one prefers to involvement the true Goan nightlife then they can visit pubs like LPK Waterfront, Café Mambo, Club Titos, Kamaki etc.

1) New Delhi – 

Being India’s capital, New Delhi has a excess of options when it comes to enjoying at pubs, night clubs, or night-clubs. Also, Hookah Bars can be seen at almost every revolving point of the streets of Delhi. Young and trendy crowds often come here to have a relaxing time with friends and generations. Some of the high end lounges include F Bar and Lounge, Urban Pind, Aqua, Aura, Mocha  etc.

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