Top 10 Common Teeth Problems

Top 10 Common Teeth Problems

Dental problems can be unfriendly and excruciating but you will be happy to know that most of these can be easily preserved. A little consciousness and efforts is all you need for a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile. Scrubbing your teeth at least twice a day, flossing, even visits to the dentist and proper consumption habits can help you stop most of these common dental problems. Here are ten common teeth glitches you need to be aware of.

Top  Common Teeth Problems

10 Gum Disease

9 Crooked/Unattractive Smile

8 Mouth Sores

7 Broken Permanent Tooth

6 Bruxism

5 Bad Breath

4 Toothache

3 Discolored teeth

This may not be a health issue but stained teeth certainly make life harder for some people. After all who doesn’t want glossy white teeth? Everybody loves a sunlight smile. Like bad breath, yellow teeth can also be the cause for discomfiture. Certain nourishment and beverages (e.g. wine and coffee), smoking etc are the main offenders which cause discoloration of teeth.  Drug store strips, teeth blanching toothpaste, laser whitening etc are few of the many ways in which you can get rid of  yellow and unappealing teeth.

2 Cavities

Tooth decay occurs when the plague formed on the teeth combines with starch/sugar in the food we consume. This produces acid which causes harm to the tooth enamel. Tooth decay should not be ignored if you don’t want the problem to get worse. Good oral hygiene is necessary in case you are willing to have healthy teeth. Treatments for this dental problem are filling, crown and root canal.

1 Tooth Sensitivity

This really annoying dental problem can really make your life hell. In this condition, hot and cold food and beverages can cause pain or extreme discomfort. Sensitive teeth can be a result of exposed root surfaces, acidity or cracked teeth. Brushing too vigorously or exposure to cold/heat may also cause sensitivity. A number of people experience this dental problem. The good news is it is easily curable.

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