Top 10 Most Delicious Food Dishes of India

Top 10 Most Delicious Food Dishes of India

Why do we live? Why do we earn?  Yes, the answer is one- to eat! India is the earth of assortment and at what time it comes to food, each region, every state in the country has so many select dishes to offer. It is every foodie’s dream to come to India at least once in addition to taste as many dinner service as one can. I am chiefly in awe of each sole dish each state has to offer. alternative out ten china from such a wide diversity was so difficult! I required after to put in every dish I could think of. Alas! Some other day. For now, here are a quantity of of the most delicious dishes every Indian swears by. No Indian meal is complete without a sweet dish. Desserts are so crucial to an Indian meal that when a newlywed  bride come home to her in-laws, the first meal she makes is a dessert, mostly kheer? In Bnegal, payesh is regarded as an auspicious food dish and is a must-have in every Bengali festival. This is a South Indian autograph dish which is a pancake made of a rice batter and lentils. It is a very time consuming dish to prepare- the rice and daal batter is fermented overnight and then mixed with stream. No wonder, no pains no gains. The fluffy layer  and the potato mixture inside tastes heavenly. There are a wide varieties of dosa available in the market- cheese, onion, masala, sada and what not? The best part about dosa is that it is serve by two bowls full of sambar and a fair thick coconut and cashew nut chutney. The price is unbelievably cheap and it is so filling that you might have it for lunch or banquet

Top  Most Delicious Food Dishes of India

Top 10 Most Delicious Food Dishes of India are:

10. Dosa

9. Kheer

8. Rogan Josh

7. Aloo ka Paratha

6. Butter Chicken

5. Gajar ka Halwa

4. Dum Biriyani

3. Mughlai Paratha

2. Kati Roll

1. Ilish Paturi



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