Top 10 types of mangoes

Top 10 types of mangoes

Mango is known as the ‘king of fruits’ and fits to the Mangifera  It is the nationwide fruit of India and nationwide tree of Bangladesh. The fruit has 0.82 gram proteins and 0.38 g fat. Existence rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and fat, it averts many diseases like cancer. It covers some mixes like querctin, isoquercitin and methyiagallit and defends us from horizontal and breast cancer.

Mango also helps to spotless the skin both outwardly and internally. Vitamin C helps to control the cholesterol, mango is very rich in in this vitamin. For eye patients it is essential to take 25%of vitamin C, hence one cup of mango full it.

There are different ways to choice the vegetables and fruits like some are selected by seeing the shape, size and feel. Mangoes needs to be inspected carefully before buying:

  • Don’t attention on the colour.
  • Crush it gently, otherwise it will get soft.
  • Always magistrate by feel

And you will get a delightful mango to taste.

Immature mangoes should be stored at room infection. It can be unpeeled and placed in the refrigerator for numerous days.Many dishes are and cookeries are made from mango like sweet, mango apple charmer, mango belini, mango cake, mango margata etc. Raw mangoes can be used for chutnies and curries. A well-known drink ‘ Aam Pana’ come from ambi ( a type of mango) is extensively served in the families of India during summer.

Mango has a better cultural meaning in India. Mango greeneries are used to beautify the houses during the days of Ganesh Chathurti. Mango are also found in Kashmiri Wraps and Knchipuram silk sarres. Here are the 10 types of mangoes.


10. Alphonso

9. Badami

8. Baiganpalli


6. Kesar

5. Malgova

4. Raspuri

3. Sindura

2. Chausa

1. Neelam

The shape of neelam mango is dissimilar from other forms of mangoes, as it has a single shape of fat cashew net with yellow cheerful ripe. It can be stowed for longer time, this factor helps its for marketing method. This mango hits in the end of the season.

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