Top 10 Best Cricket Bowlers Ever

Top 10 Best Cricket Bowlers Ever

When a bowler marks his run up and runs in to ball, there is always some anxiety in a batsman’s mind concerning the ball which the bowler is about to bring. Will it swipe in or away? Will it be a lighted one or compliment one from a rotator? Will it be a faster one or a leisurelier one? Bowlers are always up to their sophisticated tricks in order to cuckold batsmen and bag lots of wickets. The world has seen bowlers who have brought for their skippers and taken wickets at will. Aided by the players, a bowler is always on the lookout for the batsman’s scalp and this is fought by the batsman with all the skills in his arsenal. This is what makes the Gentleman’s game more interesting. Now lets have a look at the list of the best bowlers in the world, who have worked their trade for different countries and have transported laurels for themselves as all-time greats of the game.


#10- Michael Anthony Holding

#9- Joel Garner

#8- Sir Richard John Hadlee

#7- Dennis Keith Lillee

#6- Kapil Dev Ramlal Nikhanj

#5- Glenn Donald McGrath

#4- Wasim Akram

#3-Anil Radhakrishna Kumble

#2- Shane Keith Warne

#1- Muttiah Muralitharan

The World’s Utmost Bowler Ever- This crown correctly goes to the ever-smiling Muttiah Muralitharan. Wait! Do not be cuckolded by his smile. Looks can be misleading. Look at his statistics instead. With 1347 wickets in international cricket, this pint-sized off rotator sits on top of the bowling charts crossways all arrangements. Batsmen are baffled by his subtle differences and call him ‘The Smiling Assassin’. With an irresistible average of 22 and 23 in examinations and ODIs respectively, Muttiah Muralitharan was Sri-Lanka’s rock for over a period and he delivered enormously, causing companies to be broken, batting line-ups to failure. The world took notice as the conjurer from Kandy interlaced his magic, ball after ball.

He had taken a singular liking for Indian batsmen who fell wounded to his strategy and differences. His 7/30 against the Indians in a Sharjah ODI in 2002 shines out as extra-special, seeing the big names which the Indian batting line-up bragged of. Did you know that Muralitharan is a well known patron? You must.

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