Top 10 Facts about Barack Obama


Top 10 Facts about Barack Obama

2008 was a bad year all around, for all and particularly for America, what with the wide scale global financial crisis. Everyone waited with held sniffs for a wave of fresh air to originate and remember us all. And this new air came in the form of President Barack Obama. Standing on the point of revolution, the entire world observed with impressed eyes as America elected their new president, thus realising Martin Luther king’s dream. It was the first time always that the biggest giant in the world had chosen a black president. Obama’s famed “Yes we can” speech imparted the world over with confidence, aspiration, that things were about to change, that better times were about to re-enter our exists. He in himself meant change, one that went in the positive way. When the world all over wanted hope most, it came in the form of this one man. So here’s a few things you didn’t know about the man who achieved to transform the world.


10. He doesn’t like ice cream

9. He too had a nickname

8. Office Romance

7.  Experimentation

6. Story teller

5. Homeland

4. Wide food palette

3.  Model Parent

2.  He is a Potter head

We’ve all seen and been part of the marvels that is Harry Potter, the imaginary books written by J.K Rowling needs no outline at all. We’ve all either seen or read the books and tumbled in love with it. The potter mania absorbed the entire world all over, and smooth the president of the United States couldn’t seepage from its controls. Obama has admitted to being a huge fan of the Harry Potter sequence and reading it together with his earliest daughter. If only all presidents could be that way.

1.  Grammy Winner

What do the Beatles, Daft Punk, Eminem and Barack Obama all have in shared? They’ve all been winners of the admired Grammy Awards. And Barack Obama has won not one, but two Grammy awards. He won a Grammy in 2005 for the audio form of his account, for the group of the best spoken world album. Before him two other US presidents have won the same award. Obama is certainly a multi-talented president.

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