How to Impress an Indian girl

How to Impress an Indian girl


Since childhood, Indian girls are being trained to become women and wives. Therefore, even at a small age, Indians know what cosmetics are and how to use it. They wear makeup and jewelry.

If an Indian woman gives birth to a girl, the family starts to save money for her dowry immediately.  In most cases, the groom and the bride do not know each other before the wedding. Obviously, it seems weird to us, but this is how Indian girls are brought up. Since the very childhood, a girl believes that the future husband is destined for her by God, and her parents fulfill His will.

How to Impress an Indian girl

Indians teach kids to keep their emotions restrained, especially if the kid is a girl. After all, she is a future wife, and therefore should be a sample of meekness and humility.Indian girls are well prepared to be submissive to their husbands. Besides, this is a natural order of things in India.

The notion of family for an Indian girl

The main thing for any woman in India is a family. The woman is the keeper of the hearth and the servant of her husband. If there are no maids in the house, the wife must get up at four in the morning and prepare meals for the whole day. Then it will be difficult to do since the heat begins.

In general, marriage determines the destiny of the Indian girl. Not to mention that it improves her social status. This is because traditionally, an Indian woman becomes a real full-fledged person only after the marriage. Obviously, girls can get married only oncein their life in India.

Well, many Indian girls live outside India, nowadays. Obviously, their life principles differ from the traditional ones. Well, even those, who live in India, are often being brought up according to European traditions. Thus, if you are into an Indian girl, living, let’s say in the US, and you met her on a dating site, you should know how to impress her.

Impressing Indian girl

So what does a modern girl need? A handsome and sexy man, full of romance and patience, with a certain social status and a pool of money in his pocket.

I suggest youthree ways to impress a modern Indian girl: be tolerant, romantic and cheeky.

  • First of all, be patient and act persistently. Girls like to throw us a parade. Sometimes,even real ladies’ men find it difficult to tolerate their whims. Well, not every guy will like this method, because it takes a lot of time, perseverance and patience. The thing is thatmodern Indian girls by nature are attracted to reliable men, and by showing these features, you thereby create an image of reliability.Practice makes perfect, after all. Only a persistent man is able to impress an Indian woman.
  • Secondly, do not forget about romance.Indian girls like hugging on a bench;they like you writingon a fence; they love the walking and kissing part;they love heart-shaped balloons;etc. Nowadays, women lack romance and good deeds in a fussy everyday life.
  • Thirdly, be a little cheeky. Well, a cheeky person owns half the world. The main thing is to have some control.Do not be afraid to provoke, flirt and play with a partner (if not on her feelings, thenon emotions and sexual desire.

Of course, you may impress an Indian girl with money and appearance but can hardly win her.If you want her to love you without any personal gain, and be truly interested in you, and not in your money – do not give her any expensive gifts right on your first date. Do not boast that you have an apartment in the city center and a cool car. Stay beautiful and sincere. Besides, today’s beauty is not only about the right facial features and athletic body, it’s also about your inner world, intelligence, and respect.

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