Top 10 Excuses to Skip School

Top 10 Excuses to Skip School

School- some dread it, some love it whilst there are some who wish for to leave out it for some reasons ; to skip a test, fear of custody or it could be as  grave as maltreatment and cruelty. Whatever the reason is, it’s wise to have a talk with your kid if s/he is ad infinitum hell bent on absent school and skip sure classes. It could be a ensuing of a grave issue. However once in a while it’s fine to be an assistant of your child and let him/her skip it. Listed less are the few excuse you could use to get your child skip school, if you are a father and get manually to skip school, if you are a naughty kid.

10) Sickness


 9) Pets


8) Birthday


7) Family functions

Family functions

6) Doctor’s Appointment

Doctor’s Appointment

5) Traffic


4) Accident


3) Hurt myself

Hurt myself

2) Missed the Bus

Missed the Bus

This is the most fool-proof out of all the excuse because it isn’t easy to show it wrong. Then there are so many reasons you could have miss it. You got up late, you uniform wasn’t ironed, an ill-fated power cut, amazing happen on the way from your house to the bus-stop. There are frequent promise and it falls on you to want the one you believe organism mainly likely.

1) Old Family Member

Old Family Member

no one will believe this as right, but it’s listed because it works and it is used. Old age and disease are inextricably linked so is the tint of passing away that looms large. But for this one to work you have to get ready in go forward, restrict all your merry making, act sad, don’t be wedged smiling out loud or have the time of your life. Having a party or a sleep is definitely a big NO because gossip travel earlier than you can visualize. You could use this reason to varied degree from an elderly member hospitalized to a prolong inconsolable period for the late. Though on moral soil, it is advise against. No test or difficulty can be superior than having to concession on moral grounds


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