Top 10 Games you can Play with your Kids

Top 10 Games you can Play with your Kids

Being a parent can be attractive as well as tiring. Those mad years are spent handling deadlines, attending parent teacher conferences, working long hours and recurring home to a disordered bed-sitter. It’s a crazy rapid that sweeps you off your feet and keeps you busy and happy at the same time. However it is very important to connect with your kids and make beautiful memories to be cherished and recalled with smiles by you and your kids, later in your lives. Here are the top ten fun games you can play with your kids and indulge in some light-hearted seconds filled with smiles and the sweet sounds of laughter and impish giggles.


1. Pen and Paper games

These are the simplest games that need only a piece of paper and some writing tool. They can be very addictive and hours can go by with your kids, mulling over strategies and thinking creatively. Tic-tac-toe is one such main game where one has to draw a grid of two perpendicular and two flat lines. The first one to get three of your symbols in a row is the winner. However tic-tac-toe often results in a draw when played between two knowledgeable players. Another similar kind of game is dots and crosses. It consists of making boxes joining the dots in the grid by straight lines and putting your symbol in the over boxes. The one with the most boxes to his/her name will be the victor. These two are instances of such simple and entertaining games in our age of smartphones and digital media.

2. Puzzles

3. Chess

4. Fun with Lego blocks

5. Scrabble

6. Chinese Checkers

7. Musical Chairs

8. Memory Games

9. Monopoly

10. Hide and Seek

No list of games is complete without ‘Hide and Seek’ which is the most popular and well known children’s game all over the world and can be played anywhere. It involves searching for the most concealing places and avoiding getting caught by the seeker.

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