Top 10 Oldest Cities in the World that are still Around

Top 10 Oldest Cities in the World that are still Around

Being social beings, humans have been living in payments since the hunting gathering days. Human payments have slowly changed from semi-permanent unintended dwellings to large planned cities. It is not easy to amass a list of the oldest cities in the world, as past records become unclear and unclear the more we go back in time and some of the antique cities have vanished in the hazes of time, never to be seen again. The eldest cities in the world that exist even today have endured the effects of time to emerge as silent curators of towering monuments and unique antique cultures. Standing in front of the inspirational architecture or their attractive ruins, one can hear the wind murmuring untold stories of centuries past. This list provides a rough ordering of the oldest cities in the world that are motionless around. So the next time you are planning a holiday, comprise some of these ancient cities in your route and get ready to be awed by their stylishness and magnificence.


10. Jerusalem

9. Plovdiv

8. Beirut

7. Jericho

6. Luxor

5. Gaziantep

4. Sidon

3. Byblos

2. Faiyum

1. Damascus

The capital and second main city in Syria, Damascus is believed to be one of the oldest unceasingly occupied cities in the world. Nicknamed as the City of Jasmine, Damascus is said to have been originated in around 6000BC. It has been one of Alexander the Great’s subjugations. It was the wealth of the Ummayyad Caliphate and has been ruled by Romans, Arabs and Divans. Damascus is a major national and religious center and has many past sites. The walls and gates of Damascus, minsters and Islamic sites in the old city are major tourist magnetisms. However due to sustained development and decay of structure, the future of the old city and its inheritance is uncertain.

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