Top 10 Awesome Gifts you can give your Girlfriend this Valentine’s Day

Top 10 Awesome Gifts you can give your Girlfriend this Valentine’s Day

Well , Valentine’s Day is famous in most parts of the world , on Feb 14th . Its past goes this way – It is celebrated in commemoration of a roman saint Valentine  who did the weddings of war soldiers ,which was prohibited back then in the 3rd century. Where there is love , there is an supplementary emotion – hatred ,anger and protectiveness. And so , he was jailed and martyred. While in the jail people  used to meet him clandestinely and bring him plants. He fell in love with Julia , the jailer’s daughter and gave her vision. Day before  his implementation, valentine wrote the first ‘ valentine ‘ card employed “your valentine ” to julia. That”s how giving salutation cards on valentines day came into action. she established an almond tree on his grave , which now attitudes as a symbol of love , expense and friendship.

Since then , every year lovers spoken their love for each other by giving flowers , salutation cards , chocolates as gifts to each other on this day. Basic cyphers of valentine’s day are a heart shaped outline ,  doves and winged cupid.

One more measurement to the story is , to Christianize  Lupercalia , a fruitfulness festival , church has adapted it into Valentine’s day. Interestingly , the month of February is the time of the year when birds mate (funnily spoken of as the time when birds marry).It is said that in ancient Rome ,men and women drew names from a jar , to make twosomes on this day. In Ireland , a secretive person called Jack  used to give luxuries – chocolates to kids on this day.

The church also delivers optional right of “regeneration of marriage vows” on this day.Traditionally Valentine’s day is famous to remember all your friends and not just precious ones/romantic love. Coming to the most overwhelming gifts you can give your sweetheart on this day – Any girl would just want you about her all day. But still , the list goes deprived of saying :


10.    Key chain – key to my heart .

9.    Valentine pencil toppers  :

8.    Jungle wrist bands – Valentine , I’m wild about you .

7.   Valentine Card :

6.     Box of Chocolates and flowers

5.    Jewelry: heart shaped pendent with chain

4.       cozy cushions – Dimpy stuffed heart

3.       Soft toys – Teddy bear :

2.      scented candles .

1.      Valentine’s day cake

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