Top 10 Best Cat Breeds we can keep as Pets

Top 10 Best Cat Breeds we can keep as Pets

Cats are cute, soft and perfect as pets. They love long nestling sessions, snoozing and lots of attention and love. They are not as active as dogs and are thus perfect for people who favor some concord and quiet in their homes. They also make good pets for children as they are comparatively low-maintenance likened to dogs. However all cats are not the same. Some types are more active or high-maintenance than others and some do not like to be left alone. Therefore before transporting a feline friend to your home, reflect your schedule and character and then make a choice. Here are the top 10 cat breeds that can be accepted as pets.


10. Abyssinian

9. American Shorthair

8. Birman

7. Manx

6. Maine Coon

5. Tiffany

4.  Ragdoll

3. Siamese

2. Sphynx

Sphynx is an unusual cat breed known for its complete or incomplete lack of hair. Sphynxes generally have slice shaped heads, big pointy ears, strong forms and a pot belly. They have a fine peach coloured fuzz on its body and are subtle to the outdoors. Thus they should be measured only as indoor pets. They are highly brainy, curious, energetic and loving. They have the sweetest natures and are always hungry for love. They engage in funny antics just to get attention from their owners. Sphynxes are livewires and are a fun addition to any family. You can embrace up with a sphynx under the covers anytime for balminess and affection.

1. Persian

Persian is one of the eldest cat breeds famous for its long, silky fur, flat face and animated eyes. A Persian cat is a typical inside cat loving calmness and serene environs. They are not particularly active but are gentle and affectionate, with a sweet nature. Persian cats require regular baths and long training sessions as it has long fur prone to matting. Persian cats are fundamentally lap cats loving gentle love and care. It will return the favour as long as you are not too rough with it. Persian cats are often contained in popular folklore and culture. Crookshanks, Hermione’s cat in the Harry Potter series was a Persian while Snowbell from Stuart Little is also depicted as a Persian cat.

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