Top 10 Cutest Small Family Dogs

Top 10 Cutest Small Family Dogs


Dogs are a lot of fun. They are terrific friends for all ages and it has been methodically proven that children who grow up around dogs have healthier social services than those who do not. Taking care of a dog is a accountability: it is inhuman and cruel to get a dog if you can’t be around to give it care and love. A dog is worth every currency it takes to keep it fed, trained, turned-out and healthy. Inappropriately, many of us city people live in little loaded boxes called bed-sitters which are not roomy enough to keep popular dogs like German Marshals and Golden Retrievers. Or we have heads in the family who are easily disconcerted and so are not contented with having big boisterous types around. But for those of us who still want to have a doglike friend: someone who is part of the family, who waits for us to get home, who sleeps at our feet on cold, rainy days and is loyal to the end: there are numerous options in the small breeds ! From poodles to shih tzus to different diversities of miniature terriers and “toy” forms of pomeranians, daschunds, etc. These smaller varieties pack in tremendous punch in small packages: they are almost always more mischeivious, more brainy and playful than their bigger complements. The only trouble is that they tend to be less immune and have a shorter lifetime. While this may be considered suitable for some, it is rather distressing and might really be the only warning from keeping a small dog.


10. Jack Russell Terrier.

9. Pomeranian.

8. Maltese.

7. Chihuahua

6. Shih Tzu.

5. Miniature Schnauzer.

4. Boston Terrier

3. Miniature/ Toy Poodles.

2. Beagles.

1. Daschund

These are gorgeous dogs with an extremely comical arrival. They have rigid, brawny torsos stable on four very short legs that do not match. they have sharp, piercing antenna tails, long noses and limp ears. They are the cutest, most sole and intelligent small dogs there are. They are extremely loyal to their owners, bark boundlessly at strangers and take time to sincere up to new people. They need and crave workout, but the good part is they are so small (particularly miniature dacshunds) that city bed-sitters can sometimes be more than adequate for them. One needs to be cautious while handling or land them, because of their long spines and uneven bodies; and also be careful not to feed them too much because being overheavy can pose serious problems to a dacshund’s spinal health. They are very alert and smart too, which makes them a faultless package for any kind of owner.

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