Top 10 Most Technologiclly Advanced Countries

Top 10 Most Technologiclly Advanced Countries

Technology is what we need today to keep in step with the fast moving world. Skill is the parameter that describes many countries as highly industrialized. The phase of technology used by a county helps us to know the financial development of the country. Let us have a look at some hi-tech countries of the world.


10. Australia

9. China

8. Germany

7. Israel

6. Sweden

5. Canada

4. Singapore

3. South Korea

2. United states

United states is known to be the front-runner of technology since 19th century. Internet, software, hardware, atom bombs; theory of all these created in US. Companies like Google, Face book, IBM, Apple, Intel; all have their origin here. It keeps on developing operating schemes for computers, faster chips and microchips. US has one of the most influential air force in the world. They also have the largest fleet of buzzes in the world, counting modern genii such by way of the X47-A Pegasus, and the MQ 9 Reaper. In adding, Unite States is the only country that has sold space examination such as Space X. Many detections that have changed the world like electric bulb, telephone, telecommunication, all have taken residence here

1. Japan

Japan is mostly graded first in the list of technologically progressive countries. Japan is not just home to sumo struggling but also to variety of military arts such as judo, karate, aikido etc. Japan has shaped many famous businesses like Sony, Toshiba, Toyota; Honda etc. Japan is intense on emerging super progressive gadgets like dimensional silo. This elevator can conveyance anyone to different floors of a tower in instants. In addition, Japan is doing well in arms; it has developed gundam-like units that can drift in air and fire lasers. The complete well-known nets of bullet trains are spread all over Japan. Japan devotes a huge amount of its economical on research and development.

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