10 Precautions every Women must take when Pregnant

10 Precautions every Women must take when Pregnant

Almost as soon as you see that little flushed line on the pregnancy pee stick, the worry appears to set in. You start thinking about the weighty bag you lifted, the over-exerting morning run, the glass of wine you tasted at dinner last week, the last cigarette you smoked or inertly smoked. No doubt about it, gravidity can be one of the most exciting and the most troublesome times in a woman’s life because you have a life added to yours now, quite factually. So everything you do, subordinate with or put it into your body has to be reconsidered and analysed before going fast with it. Every move is a choice. But stressing out about every little thing you come into interaction with can make for a long and taxing three trimesters. And beating yourself up about things you did before you knew you were pregnant or before you found out they could be hazardous won’t do you or your baby any good. Buying a million baby books and gravidity books will only make you feel better and more accountable. But quite frankly there are only a few strict Do’s and don’ts when you are pregnant. This list will give you the 10 most important ones, the rest your friends and family will fill you in to help keep your sanity during the next 36 weeks of gravidity.


10. Care after conception

9. Food

8. Caffeine

7. Heavy weights and heavy-impact exercises

6. Travel

5. Overheating

4. Smoking

3. Alcohol

2. Physical Relationship

Pregnancy is most critical in its first trimester and the last 10 weeks. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, so it is better to not have sex in this period of time. Severe complications may arise if due care is not taken. Apart from this physical relationship needs to be restricted upon the advise of the doctor, who shall

1. X rays and exposure to harmful radiations

A reputed American organization of medical connotation called the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) did their investigation and has inferred that X-rays are most likely safe during gravidity. The X-rays that you require to do to identify something are said to emit less than 5 rads, which is strictly the upper limit for the amount of energy a woman can be bare to while she is carrying. Like clarified above, different types of imaging  requires different amounts of energy, so it varies. But in cases where the x-ray beam is required to be bare to areas anywhere close to the fetus, like the woman’s abdominal, uterus or lower back, it is counselled not to go for it. So X-rays for your tooth, i.e., dental X-rays are a okay. But in case the X-ray is unavoidable due to the respective medical disorder you suffer from, you can go for it but just safeguard your stomach is covered with a lead bib if your doctor maintains you must go on with the X ray and cannot avoid it.

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