Top 10 Best Cricket Fielders Ever

Top 10 Best Cricket Fielders Ever

Cricket is identified as gentlemen’s game. It is a game known for its ability batting, out of this world fast bowling, twirling spin  bowling as well as my dear folks…fielding has by no means lost its magnificence, retain information catches win the matches. The field in Cricket adds an extra thrill.

Fielders play a key role in decide the team’s faith. But so far there are no particular fielders as such who are only devoted for fielding reason in the game. None the fewer, the world cricket has bent quite a few astonishing fielders who could turn the mathematical figures of the game as well as change the figure of the result. Here are top 10 best fielders forever in cricket.

10) Mohammed Kaif and Yuvraj Singh (India):

Mohammed Kaif and Yuvraj Singh India

9) Mark Waugh (Australia):

Mark Waugh Australia

8) Tilakratne Dilshan (Sri Lanka):

Tilakratne Dilshan Sri Lanka

7) AB De Villiers (South Africa):

AB De Villiers South Africa

6) Michael Clarke (Australia):

Michael Clarke Australia

5) Andrew Symonds (Australia):

Andrew Symonds Australia

4) Herschelle Gibbs (South Africa):

Herschelle Gibbs South Africa

3) Paul Collingwood (England):

Paul Collingwood England

2) Ricky Ponting (Australia):

Ricky Ponting Australia

1) Jhonty Rhodes(South Africa):

Jhonty RhodesSouth Africa

If there is an honor for best fielding. The one as well as only one man who deserve it dominantly is Jhonty Rhodes. There is always perplexity in deciding best batsmen as well as best bowler but when it comes to fielder it’s generally Rhodes. He fielding is amazing unbelievable as well as spine frightening to all the spectators. He stand out for his diving power, catching power as well as even throw power. He is first as well as last player who holds the record of 5 catches in a single match. Even though he was a handy batsman, it is his fielding which took him to after that level as well as wonder all the cricket lovers. 1992 World cup’s Inzamam run out is recorded as all time best run out! He is the best fielder ever the world cricket can witness as well as still he is very down to earth.

Detailing about this run out shares the following:

“swoop onto a ball from his location at backward point, Rhodes raced Inzamam ul-Haq, who had venture down the pitch, to the gather, beating him, with his right arm asset the ball as well as extensive like Superman, with a dive that knock all three stumps out of the land. The pictures were shown approximately the world to establish that  a fielding myth was born.” The above picture is the visual of this explanation.

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