Top 10 Modern Classic Novels

Top 10 Modern Classic Novels

Modern definitive novels are fabled and all time celebrated. These days youths prefer casual reading and evade reading classics fashionable specific. I do agree, sometimes these books have problematic passages and style but at the end of the day this collection is an essence of knowledge and suitable english grammar. Whenever we read a classic novel we get in trace with so many new words i.e. definitive novels are a cluster of perfect language .Hence, reading a classic novel not only augments our English world list but also makes us conscious of the old time buildings, structural design ethnicity, rituals and strong attachment between its populaces.

10- Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist

9- The Good Earth 

The Good Earth

8- Of Human Bondage 

Of Human Bondage

7-  Sea of Poppies

Sea of Poppies

6-  Roots


5- Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights

4- Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice

3- Animal Farm

Animal Farm

2- A passage to India

A passage to India

Another spotless literary work by E.M Forster limiting India under the rule of British Raj and containing independence drive. It encircles a deep authentic friendship of an Indian, Dr Mr. Aziz and a British, Mr. Fielding. A plot founded on how a trip to Marabar Caverns lands Dr. Aziz into a troublesome state when a British friend Adela blames him of attack. However the trials showed him to be innocent. This is a perfect composite of culture, tradition, customs, religion and changes between Indian and British under the name of bias and taste.

1- Gone with the wind 

Gone with the wind

An final classic of Margaret Mitchell that portrays the picturesque of love, revenge, slavery, freedom and argument between North America and South America under the able ascendency of Abraham Lincoln. A girl (Scarlett O Hara) blind and spiteful in love, a patriot (Ashley) ready to die for his country, a lover(Rhett Butler)who expenses the whole lot to get Scarlett back into his life and an acquitted wife(Melany).This novel is a complete and perfect blend of drama, love, slavery, war and rivalry. Apart from getting Pulitzer Award for its showy and conspicuous romantic plot it has also received Oscar for its excellent screenplay on the big shade.

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