10 Best Women Tennis Players

10 Best Women Tennis Players


10. Kirilenko Maria,Russia

10 Best Women Tennis Players

World of women Tennis is clear by the likes of Billie jean king to Martina Hinges to `Steffi Graf to Justine Henin as well as of course the William Sisters! The power as well as impressiveness of these ladies is mysterious. The nail biting, fist driving, table large gestures are no longer a domain of sports for men. Women do it to as well as the hits as well as grunts are live evidence to the fact that these females have arrived. The past of women tennis is long so let’s limit it to the top 10 players. This object is for fervent tennis fans as well as laypersons who are just mobile into the tennis world. Let’s see the Women who rule over the courts.

9. Wozniacki Caroline,Denmark

10 Best Women Tennis Players

WTA Titles : 20 singles, 2 doubles.

A treasure from Monte Carlo indeed! The 23 year old from Denmark has captured the tennis tour and in 8 years as a pro has reached the 9th rank worldwide. The good-at-games is not amazing in her case as she is a making of fascinating sporty family. With father Piotr a soccer player in Poland and Denmark; Anna Wozniaicki, Mother, played volleyball for Polish National Team. If this wasn’t enough the brother Patrick followed into fathers shoes to become soccer in Denmark. The calling in rapports of position alone is amazing. Entrance at age of 15, 2008-first top 20 season; 2009-first top 5 season; 2010-First top 1 season; 2011-second No 1 season; 2012 fell to rank 10 and now in is ranked at 9. The world waits to watch this player in her dynamic career.

8. Kvitova Petra,Czech Republic

10 Best Women Tennis Players

WTA Titles: 10 singles, 0 Doubles.

A round player and admirer of fellow left handed legend Martina Navratilova, the Czech beauty has made a place for this woman at in the world of Tennis. She favouritisms serves, backhand and forehand but more than that is a base-liner. The tourist attractions of her career are victories at Dubai, Montréal, Brisbane, Paris [Indoors], Madrid, Wimbledon, and led Czech Fed Cup Team, 2007-13; also donated in Olympic finished national Team.

7. Kerber Angelique, Germany

10 Best Women Tennis Players

WTA Titles: 2 Singles; 0 Doubles.

The 25 year old German is testified as an angel by everybody but her adversaries who face her on court. Through an regular frame of 5’8” the lady terrifies with her two left handed backhands. She stated playing at the age of 3, the tiny tot never gave up the infantile passion and went pro in 2003. The leap from No.32 in 2011 to No. 5 in 2012 was astounding to notice. The German is here to stay.

6. Li Na, China.

10 Best Women Tennis Players

WTA Titles: Singles 7; Doubles 2.

31 year old Chinese is epic in China’s Tennis history. Married in 2006, this lady went on to bring China into tennis circuit as well as create the same dread for Chinese players in tennis as it is in badminton. Currently ranked No.6, the 14 year career has seen many ups as well as downs. The victories include 7 wins at Shenzhen; Cincinnati; Sydney, Roland Garros; Birmingham; Gold Coast; Guangzhou. She was finalists at – Australian Open, Stuttgart,Sydney, Rome, as well as Montreal. Other victories include those at Monterrey, Birmingham,Tashkent, Chinese Fed Cup Team, as well as was a part of  Chinese Olympic Team in all years since 2000.

5. Errani Sara, Italy

10 Best Women Tennis Players

WTA Titles: Singles 7; Doubles 19.

Forehand as as well as clay court, add Sara to the mix as well as we have an ace up our selves. The 26 year old Italian went pro in 2002 at 15 as well as now 11 years into the sport, Sara is ranked at No.5 in singles as well as ranked No.1 in doubles.  Daughter to a fruit-vegetable seller father as well as pharmacist mother, the athletic genes found way into the siblings with Sara’s brother playing pro soccer. From the age of 5 Sara was drawn into the sport. Till 2012 Sara’s tennis career was at the spotlights periphery, but a decision of change in racket from Wilson to babolat got her an entry into the crème de la crème of industry. Longer racket on heavy side gave more power as well as reach. Fondly called Excalibur by Sara, many expert dub this as the reason behind her success.

4. Radwanska Agnieszka, Poland.

10 Best Women Tennis Players

WTA titles: Singles 12; Doubles 2.

With the goal to win a grand slam as well as be world No.1, the 24 year old Polish dynamite has made a name for her with formidable forehand. Playing with her sister Urszala (also a WTA player) as well as her father, the spirit of tennis got into her at age of 4 as well as since then she has played in club at Gronau, Germany.  She is studying tourism at Polish Sport University Krakow. She has won 12 major singles event, first in 2007 at Auckland, Sydney as well aslatest in Stockholm. She is W TA ambassador for Habitat for Humanity.

3. Sharapova Maria, Russia

10 Best Women Tennis Players

WTA Titles: Singles 29; Doubles 3.

26 year old towering beauty is quite a picture on tennis surface. With a 6’2” frame as well as blonde hair, the fierce game is rude shock to whoever faces her. The career chart of Maria is an interesting read.  Won the first WTA title at the age of 17 beating formidable S. Williams, Sharapova made a name for herself by winning WTA as well as defeating a very strong player. Has won 29 major singles events as well as 3 doubles in her career. In 2003, she entered top 50 right after 2 years of debut. Till 2008 she was a formidable opponent on court but a stray injury led to 9 month layoff as well as stumbling out of top 100 player list. In 2010 she was back in top 20 as well as now is ranked at world no 3. The beauty is not only a Tennis player, she has her own line of apparels, candy line, scholarship for Chernobyl area children as well as many charitable acts to her name. The Chernobyl Tragedy affected her psyche as well as she has been donating to the aid of those who need it ever since.When Enigma gives Paradox a hug, the likes of Sharapova are born.

Azarenka Victoria, Belarus

Azarenka Victoria Belarus

WTA Titles: Singles 16; Doubles 6.

24 year old from Belarus is ranked at No. 2 as per WTA rankings. Her point counts are 9625. At the age of 7, Victoria got a taste of Tennis by the way of her mother as well as hasn’t looked back till date. She favours backhanded shots as well as playing on hard court. Her career tally today is 16 singles titles as well as 6 doubles. Debuted in 2003, the 6′ player has come a long way. On her debut year in 2003, she won doubles title at ITF circuit. In 2012 Victoria was world No. 1 as well as has been a challenge to everyone who faces her.

1. Williams Serena, USA

10 Best Women Tennis Players

WTA titles: Singles 52; Doubles 22.

31 year old American doesn’t need an introduction in tennis or any other circuit. with 52 singles titles as well as 22 doubles title, the world numero uno now is not new at the top of the world spot for she has been here 6 times before .In 18 years as pro, the time from 2002 can be refereed as the Serena-era. Along with her achievement of being hailed as one of the best players of all time, she is the only player to achieve a Golden Slam in both singles as well as doubles category. The William sisters were coached by their parents since they were 4 as well as till date Richard Williams as well as Oracene Price remain their daughters coach. Papa William took the road less travelled, seeing his daughters as players as well as children, he dealt with them in ways which conflicted their coach. Apart from tennis, Serena has been in news because of her charitable works, her two secondary schools in Africa, her own HSN line, clothing lines. Serena has been in controversies for her loud tennis outfits as well as some ill fated quotes. Serena lost her younger sister Yetunde as well as since then has been involved with helping at risk youth.

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