How do I Start a Blog and Make Money Online

How do I Start a Blog and Make Money Online

How do I Start a Blog and Make Money Onlines

This post of today is for our New Blogger friends who want to earn money through their website or blog. Everyone is worried about the new blogger or the website admin, how his blog’s popularity increases and when he has some revenue from his blog.

If you are a new blogger! So, I can understand the point of your heart that the laddoo that is going to earn money from my blog soon enough, I am also aware of it? But I do not really have anything like that. Making money with blogging is not as easy as drinking a cold drink while sitting in the canteen. It requires time, hard work and orderliness. It’s like a CD in which you have to take a second step after a step and when you reach the top, then no one can count it, blogging can give you success.


# 1. Firstly apply for ADSENSE ADS today

Adsense is Google’s advertising network that allows publishing ads on any correct website. Publisher gets Revenue from Adsense when people click on ads. Adsense is the largest revenue provider in the world. This is right for those websites whose web traffic is very much on the website.

It is very important to read Google Ads Terms and Privacy Policy to publish advertisements for Google Adsense on your website. This is because no website completing Google’s terms meets Publisher Approval with Google Adsense.

If your website gets Approval, then it is important to note that whether you are publishing ads in the right place on your website. If you have not posted Adsense ads on your website according to their terms, you can still penalize Google Adsense by blocking your account.

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