What is duplicate content | How to Remove Duplicate Content

What is duplicate content | How to Remove Duplicate Content

If you look in terms of SEO, there are some benefits and there is some harm to it. But if seen, it is more damaging than it is. So the most important thing is to get remove it from your blog.

It happens in the way of a sweet poison. Which will first take you to the top ranking in SERP, and as soon as the search engine checks it, it will remove all your content from the SERP.

There may be a result of going to the top in the duplicate content search engine, but it does not have to stop there.

What is duplicate content How to Remove Duplicate Content                                            What is duplicate content | How to Remove Duplicate Content

What is duplicate content?

When the same content is ranked several times in the search engine, or such content whose title tag or meta description is the same, all such types of content fall into the category of duplicate content.

There are many types of duplicate content in any blog.

Duplicate content is content that has been used many times in blogs.

Many times it happens that there are two posts on the blog, but the title of those posts in the search engine is the same.

Even if the blog post has a meta description, the search engine explains the duplicate content.

Actually duplicate content is a kind of copyright content. For this you can remove the search engine, in the category of spam and remove it from SERP. What is duplicate content | How to Remove Duplicate Content

Due to duplicate content issue in blogspot

When a blog or a website becomes the URL of the same blog post multiple versions, this kind of problem comes up.

The blogger blog has three parameters. With a simple URL and two URLs, you may have problems with duplicate content due to m = 0 and m = 1 url parameter.

What happens is that when a blog post is submitted to google, many times it takes the three parameters to look like a different post, and indexes it.

But when he later completely scans Mater, he realizes that these three blog posts have three different parameters.


Find and fix duplicate content issue in Blog


If your blog is also on the blogger, or on wordpress, you can easily find information about your blog or find duplicate content.

All bloggers use the google webmaster tool to index all the blog posts on your blog, and if you wish, you can easily find the duplicate content of your blog.

For this you must first open the google webmaster tool of your blogger blogger.

Now you have to select a blog or website that wants to find duplicate content.

Now you can click on the search appearance.

After this you click on HTML Improvements in it, here you will see a list of your blog’s duplicate content. Along with this, you will also see a list of duplicate title, duplicate meta description etc.


How to fix duplicate content issue

First you go to the webmaster tool> crawl> URL parameter> and click on the edit link in front of where m parameter is located.

If you click on it there will be a new page open, you can change this page. Click on the down drop down and select No: Does not affect page content (ex: tracks usage) here.

Now save this setting by clicking on save button.
After this you will be in your robots.txt file
Disallow: /? M = 0
Disallow: /? M = 1

Add the above code.

Adding this code will not index the url in your blog’s m parameter.

If you have a duplicate meta description error in your blog, you can fix it in your blog’s template code

<b: if cond = ‘data: blog.pageType == & quot; archive & quot;’>
<meta content = ‘noindex, noarchive’ name = ‘robots’ />
</ b: if>

Add this code, and save the template.

In a few days, the error of duplicate content and duplicate meta description from your blog will certainly fixed.


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