Transformers 6 Movie (2018) | Reviews, Cast & Release Date

Transformers 6 Movie (2018) | Reviews, Cast & Release Date

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While continuing to promote Transformers 5  producer Lorenzo di revealed even more info about the upcoming Bumblebee spin-off and confirming that the production starts in August, while also teasing that Transformers 6 will hit cinemas in 2018. Unfortunately, the producer wouldn’t say what Transformers 6 will be about yet, but the current plan is to have it ready for a summer 2018 release. Here’s what the producer had to say in a new interview.


“Look, I always wait for the audience, because there’s an arrogance to getting ahead of your audience. When you do, you get punched. So we’ll wait each time. We’re planning a lot of movies, but you’ve got to have the audience’s support, because these movies are very expensive.”


The producer made these comments in an interview with Screen Rant and although he wouldn’t shed any light on what the next Transformers movie will be. This comes just a few days after the producer compared his Bumblebee spin-off to the iconic animated classic Iron Giant and while confirming that the story is set in the 1980s. Back in April, Michael Bay revealed that Paramount has 12 Transformers movies that are currently in development, which spawned from the Transformers franchise writers room. With Bumblebee hitting theaters on June 7, 2018, or this mystery Transformers movie supposedly arriving in the summer of 2019 and the producer was asked if the studio’s plan is to release a Transformers movie every summer and perhaps mirroring Disney’s plans of releasing a new Star Wars movie every year. However, Lorenzo di Bonaventura revealed he did not want the franchise to get too far ahead of itself.


“Well we’re going to shoot a prequel actually and a Bumblebee movie, which starts in August and so next summer we’ll see a Bumblebee movie. And then we hope to have another Transformers movie the following summer.”


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